Personal record Ghazi TWAL

Stand February 2011

Name: Ghazi TWAL
Place of birth: Madaba in Jordan
Date of birth: 13.11.1942
Religion: Christian, Latin Catholic
School: Secondary School graduated in Amman in 1965
University: Study as translator and interpreter in Germersheim (University of Mainz) with academic Diplom (Magister) conclusion for Arabic, German, French and English languages in 1969/1970.
1970 - 1976: Work as translator and interpreter at Krupp Co. in Duisburg-Rheinhausen.
1976 - June 2010: Translator and interpreter in the German Foreign Office in Bonn and abroad.
From January 2011: Starting from February 2011: Freelance activity as translator and interpreter for the Arabic and German languages. Book Author in Arabic and German language (consider Activity as Author). Decorations and medals from Jordan, Egypt, Germany and other countries.