I started developing my talent in book writing in 2001 and published my first book in 2003. Title: Saudi Arabia and its most important laws. The hard covered book with its 479 pages comprises two parts:

A comprehensive introduction upon the following subjects:

­- Geographical framework and historical background

- Political and administrative system

- Judicial system in Saudi Arabia

- Economy of Saudi Arabia and its importance

- Islam in Saudi Arabia: Emergence and teachings

- Life and work in Saudi Arabia

and the Arabic-German translation of the following laws:

- Saudi Basic Law

- Law of the Council of Ministers

- Majlis Al-Schura Law (Consultative Chamber law)

- Criminal procedure Law

- Civil procedure Law

- Practice of the legal profession Law (Lawyer Law)

- Foreign investments Law

- Environment Protection Law

- Patent protection Law

- Knowhow Protection Law

- Arbitration Law

- Law concerning possession of real property by foreigners