King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh, convinced by the quality of my books, agreed to publish the developed Introduction of my first book "the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its most important laws". It should become a comprehensive handbook about Saudi Arabia. I drew up the book first in Arabic and then translated it into the German language. King Abdulaziz Public Library let translate the book also into English and French language. It became a beautiful hard covered book with scarcely 400 pages. Title: "Discover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia". The book is available through me in four languages. (Please contact me, if needed).

The book comprises the following chapters:

- Geographical Framework and Historical Background

- Saudi Arabia - Cradle of Islam

- Political and Administrative System

- Judicial System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- Policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- Economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -

- 20 Key Public Institutions

- Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -

- Sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

- Life and Work, Customs and Traditions, Advice and Guidelines for Saudi Arabia